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Author Spotlight

Jan Lindrum

Janne (Jan) was born into a family of British and Australian champions within the sound of Bow Bells London in 1950 and refers to herself as a Cockney/ Aussie. A proud wife, mother and grandmother, the early part of her career was spent working full-time in marketing and business development in the legal industry and teaching and directing dramatic art performances part-time. Graduating with a BA from Note Dame University Sydney in 2009, Jan completed an Honours year under the guidance of Professor Gerry Turcotte the following year. Losing Professor Turcotte to Canada was a terrible blow but Jan remembered what Professor Turcotte had told her: “Whatever you do in your life from here on, you must complete the story of The Uncrowned King.” To this end, she completed a doctorate in the creative arts at the University of Wollongong under the supervision of Dr Siobhan McHugh and Professor Cathy Cole. Her degree was conferred in October 2015. Published for over a decade in Who’s Who of Australian Women, The Uncrowned King is Jan’s debut work.

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Our Latest Publications

  • Brierley Family Memories Brierley Family Memories (185)

    by Sarah Brierley I grew up listening to stories of both of my parents growing up in Kenya, East Africa. At a recent family lunch (our tradition is a curry lunch, reminiscent of the “Kenya” days), I felt it was important to start recording the stories of my Dad and his brothers so my generation, and generations to come don’t lose our unique family history. My dad is the youngest of four boys – Dennis, John, Dick and Charlie (my Dad) – and their stories have kept all of us “kids” entertained for...

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  • Our Travels Our Travels (225)

    By Marco Marcoionni   To write this, I cleared a space in my head and found some time and an area conducive to thinking. My sister, Tina and I took a 6 week Contiki tour back in 1985 the rest is what we gained from it. It was good to do an organised tour first. Travelling can be a bit daunting if you haven’t done it before: so many different places, languages and customs and climates and the list goes on and on and on. Doing a tour made complete sense. Firstly it meant we were in the safety of...

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  • Deann Tong Deann Tong (181)

    By Tina and Marcoi Marcoionni Deann Tong lived at the end of our street, or perhaps we lived at the end of hers. It’s all a matter of attitudes and perceptions really and Deanne’s positive attitude filled a room, her work ethic - it was second to none. She was a warrior in and out, she modelled by example and always supported her friends and colleagues. D never had a bad word to say about anyone and her reaction to a crisis was always to fix it with least impact on all involved. Deann was a...

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  • Gai Ryan Gai Ryan (207)

    By Gai Ryan Gai Ryan fed my daughter prawns when she http://www.achaten-suisse.com/ was just six months old. She didn’t play by the rules, she made her own, because she knew that life was for the taking – that you had to seize the day, take every opportunity and make the most of it. Gai didn’t waste time on regrets, she was in control.

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  • One ingredient many dishes with chef Marco Marconi One ingredient many dishes with chef Marco Marconi (218)

    By Marco Marcoionni One Ingredient Many Dishes with Chef Marco Marconi Objective: Pick one ingredient and think outside the box to plan a menu around it

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  • An Air of Unfriendliness An Air of Unfriendliness (215)

    By Jasmine Stokes: The wind in the Scottish Highlands was by nature malignant; it whipped, stabbed and clawed its way through anything in its path. It was the sort of wind that conspired with storms to push the rain horizontal. Scathing gusts skittered along the brown hills, wrenched at the sodden earth and danced across the surface of the lochs, kicking up spray as it pin wheeled past. The land itself seethed with a resigned sort of melancholy, forged from loss. The barren and sheep pocked...

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  • Home Home: Kial Doe's story Home Home: Kial Doe's story (484)

    By Tina Marcoionni Kial was born on a crisp winter Sunshine Coast Sunday and because life turns in constant circles, died on a winter Sunday, at home. He took a deep breath on his final dive into the ocean with the dolphins outside his window, raised his right hand, waved and left us. Home acheterdufrance.com Home is Kial’s Story. FREE    

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  • Inside the Designer: Understanding imagining in spatial design Inside the Designer: Understanding imagining in spatial design (194)

    By Marisha McAuliffe: Design is fundamental to our modern world. All human achievements, great and small, owe their being, in no small measure, to the concept of design. Whether it is in social and technological innovations, great human endeavours, building and construction projects or simply the environ and desire of the individual, design has been there. But a question remains: what goes on inside the designer’s head? For many decades now researchers, philosophers and academics have pondered...

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  • Through the Colour Lens Through the Colour Lens (235)

    By Marisha McAuliffe: Colour is used to adorn and decorate and many have tried to find an organisational system that could concretely states how colour is to be used correctly.In this book Marisha McAuliffe examines the concept of colour and its uses for those who design professionally or those who simply want to appreciate the complexities of colour. It examines light and contrast, and explains the pitfalls that are to be avoided in colour design. The book explores different concepts relating to, and...

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  • The Perception of Light: Understanding Architectural Lighting Design The Perception of Light: Understanding Architectural Lighting Design (227)

    By Marisha McAuliffe Light is essential to life and vision; without light, nothing exists. It plays a pivotal role in the world of architectural design and is used to generate all manner of perceptions that enhance the designed environment experience. But what are the fundamental elements that designers rely upon to generate light enhanced experiences? How are people’s perceptions influenced by designed light schemas? In this book Dr. Marisha McAuliffe highlights the relationship that exists...

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  • Giovanni Marcoionni Giovanni Marcoionni (369)

    By Tina Doe: This story is a snapshot of the life of Giovanni Marcoionni. It was never just a gentle nudge with Dad, it was always a big push. From the way he taught us to swim:  I remember something akin to him grabbing you by an arm  and a leg and then being thrown into the waves at Kings Beach, Caloundra, on Boxing Day when all the Italian mob would meet annually, under the trees, for a beach picnic. FREE

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  • The Benefits of a Light Heart The Benefits of a Light Heart (256)

    By Prue Millear: Life is full of challenges, from the mundane to the difficult and dangerous. The Benefits of a Light Heart is a book which contains a recipe for action, from which you can reframe your problems using the dog metaphor. Dogs, after all, are like our problems – they range from small and innocuous to full-blown, raving monsters. Rather than be too serious, linger awhile and laugh with Dr Prue Millear, PhD (and her alter ego, a cat called Professor Hilary Doodlebug), and discover...

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  • A New Way to Think About Teacher PD A New Way to Think About Teacher PD (356)

    By Dr. Tina Doe: In 2005 Tina Doe set out to change the way teachers learn. She has pioneered what is today known as the Teacher Professional Learning Initiative: an exciting and meaningful way through which teachers collaborate to learn. In this book Tina Doe tells the story of how schools and teachers are coming under increasing pressure to meet the new expectations that a fast changing technologically based and global world is demanding. She argues teachers have to now meet the learning...

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  • Curriculum Assessment and Technology Curriculum Assessment and Technology (603)

    By Lynch, Smith and Howarth: This book is about designing the effective classroom curriculum. The authors argue that an effective classroom curriculum should be the goal of every teacher in every classroom around the world: effective that is for every student, not just those who find school easy! But how does one go about designing a classroom curriculum that is effective? What are the essential ingredients and how should these ingredients be organised for teaching effect? What role does...

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